Saudi Arabia trip

Today we start an exploration trip to Saudi Arabia. The route is not yet fully defined, but it is most likely that from after crossing the UAE from Dubai to the border, we will visit Al Hufuf and the Yellow Lake and Al Qarah mountain. From there, we will then drive to Riyadh and to the Edge of the World, the big cliffs to the East of Riyadh. Going to Shaqra to see Ushaykir Old City, Unaizah through some desert drive and heading to Hail and stopping at Hutayamah Volcano on the way.

Then we will head to Al Ula with a detour to Vulture Valley, afterwards to Hegra and heading NW to Tabuk with a stop at Wadi Al Disa. From Tabuk we will head to Al Shaq Canyon and then North to Tabuk Canyons and Snake Gorge just beside it.

On the road to Al Humaydah we could stop at Al Aqan Canyon. From Al Humaydah, going down South for a little swim along the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. All the way down to the point where we will find the Catalina Seaplane “wreck”. From there we will pass by Neom and continue down to Umluj where will turn inland to check the Black Sand Dunes. We will head to Yanbu and might be to Jeddah or straight to Dubai.

The Roughly Estimated Total Distance is 5,742km according to Google Maps straighter options.

If you are not overwhelmed already as I am, wait for the pictures and stories of the trip that I will post here regularly.

The car is fully packed with camping stuff and some food. Let’s see how old Naranjito resists this long trip around the Arabian peninsula.

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