Living India

India is a boundless country; too vast  and diverse to embrace; impossible to depict in a bunch of occasional pictures. This is a personal account of several trips to India for work. I have been lucky to know a different India to the one tourists usually see and my camera was there with me to capture the reality of this immense country.

I try to show a different India, the one of the people who struggle under difficult conditions, chaotic traffic, unhealthy neighbourhoods and disarrayed urbanism. A very dynamic and young country, full of people who want to prosper and become part of the developed world. A country where tradition and religion mix with day to day life in a seamless way.

Working in India is a remarkable experience for a westerner. Willingness to delight customers is a distinctive sign of Indian people; they know who they work for and they strive for success.


See the chapters

Urban Landscapes


Traffic. Moving?


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